Building Painting Update (Week of September 18-24)

  • The painters are planning on being completely finished with the back part of the building by next Wednesday, September 27, 2017.
    • For those of you who park in the back parking lot, you should be able to move back into your spots on the evening of Wednesday, September 27, 2017 after 5:30pm.  I will be emailing you all directly about getting back the parking passes.
  • Power washing will begin on Monday, September 25, 2017 for stacks 10, 09, 08, and 07.  Residents in those stacks please remember to keep your windows closed and to remove any air conditioners, plants, decorations, etc.  If you do not remember to close your windows, the painters will close them from the outside or the Elektra staff will enter the unit to close from the inside.  The painters will not be responsible for any possible damages that could happen due to residents forgetting to close their windows.  Once your section has been power washed you can open your windows again.  Power washing will probably take 2-3 days.
    • For residents in stacks 10, 09, 08, and 07 (zone 3), please let me know soon if you think that your windows might leak or not close tightly, so that I can alert the painters before they begin power washing.
  • Once power washing is finished the painters will continue with this section (zone 3) doing all prepping which will include patching and window caulking.  Residents in zone 3 will not need to close their windows for the prepping part, but will need to close their windows once the painting begins.
  • Dependent on how the weather is and how quickly the prepping process goes, painting will probably begin sometime during the first week of October.
  • Once the painters move their boom cranes to the front of the building, there will be very limited to no street parking available.  They are currently permitted to close off the entire street for their boom cranes.

Thank you for your cooperation.