Heating System Activation

We are going to be turning on the heating system on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2021 beginning in the morning.  Your heating system runs on steam, and there are a few things you should know:

HEAT CYCLE: The heat cycle’s regular hours will be 5:00 am-9:00 am and 6:00 pm-10:00 pm.  This schedule is tentative, and we will be making adjustments as the seasons get colder.

NOISE: Because of the nature of the steam heating, there are a number of devices in the system that will make sounds as they work or warm up.  If you hear a “hissing” sound in your base board heater or a “banging” sound in the pipes when the system starts a cycle, please do not be alarmed.  These are natural sounds that let you know it is working.  The “hissing” sound that you hear is steam traveling through the pipes and will continue at a low tone whenever you have your heat on.  The “banging” sound that you hear is the steam traps warming up and either opening or closing.  These sounds should subside as the system heats up, but if you have a problem with a consistent “banging” noise during the entire duration of a cycle please let us know by filling out a Maintenance Request, we may have to investigate the problem.

THERMOSTATIC CONTROL: Each unit has a control knob that operates that unit’s steam heat.  These will work in the same way as a standard wall mount thermostat.  This will control the amount of steam needed to keep a consistent temperature in the room instead of being completely on or off.  There are numbers on the knob from 1-6 (1 being the lowest and 6 the highest).  The * symbol indicates the steam is completely off and the O symbol indicates the steam is all the way on.  To turn on, push the knob in and turn counterclockwise.

STEAM TRAPS: As well as having a control knob, each unit also has its own steam trap.  If you turn on your heat and nothing happens (meaning little or no heat), then this means your trap probably needs service.  In this case, please fill out a Maintenance Request, so we may fix the problem.