Interior Paint Schedule

Paint Survey
Thank you to everyone who participated in the interior paint survey.  Based on the Interior Paint Survey Results the Seattle Day theme has been selected as the new interior paint color scheme.

Interior Paint Schedule
Please review the Interior Paint Schedule to see when Queen Anne Painting will be on each floor completing the interior painting project.  This schedule indicates when the painters will be on which floors working and this is the final tentative schedule, however slight adjustments may be needed once the project has begun.  The painting schedule for unit doors is final and will not be adjusted.  The painters will be working Monday thru Saturday from 8am to 4pm.


Unit Doors
During this projects completion, Queen Anne painting will be dedicating Saturdays from 8am-4pm to paint unit doors on the floor(s) they worked on during the previous week, with some prep work being completed to unit doors prior.  No access will be needed during unit door prep work.  Unit owners/residents will be responsible to open unit doors on the day indicated on the schedule, so the painters can paint the entire unit door and door frame.  The unit door will need to remain open for a few hours until the paint is completely dry.  Each unit door will be receiving two-coats of paint, with drying time required between coats.  Queen Anne Painting will be using a ‘snap dry’ paint which should be dry within one-hour after application.  Estimated access to each unit is 4-hours.  Access can be provided personally, via a representative or by providing keys for your unit to on-site staff.  Again, the schedule for when unit doors will be painted is final and will not be adjusted.  Additional reminders will be provided to each unit personally 2-weeks in advance.


During this project the elevators will need to be shut down for several hours so the painters can paint the exterior elevator doors and trim.  Additional notice will be posted to our website advising the day(s) and time(s) which elevators will not be accessible.