Interior Paint Survey

Interior Paint Survey
Click here to participate in a survey to help aid in determining which paint theme should be selected for our new interior paint.  Voting is open now and will remain open until August 20th at 5pm.  Each owner/resident may vote only once.  If you vote and then would like to change your vote, simply return to the survey and select ‘edit your response’.

To see the design in both color theme options in person, go to unit 1209.  While there, you will also see four 1’x1′ painted squares on walls at the main elevators and service elevator of the colors that have been selected, at the recommendation of the color consultant, to be used for accent walls on each floor.

Color theme options:
1. “Seattle Day” theme
2. “Stormy Night” theme

Ceilings, Base boards & Moldings will be the color ‘Extra White’.

1. As computer screens can distort colors, always refer to paint and carpet colors in person for the true color.
2. The carpet is approaching the end of its cycle and will be replaced following our standard replacement schedule.


During this projects completion timeline Queen Anne painting will be dedicating Saturday to paint unit doors on the floor(s) they worked on during that week.  Unit owners/residents will need to open unit doors so the painters can paint the entire door and door frame and then the unit door will need to remain open for a few hours until the paint is completely dry.  Access can be provided personally, via a representative or by providing keys for the unit to on-site staff.  The schedule is TBD and will be provided with timely notice to all owners/residents at a later date.


Start Date
The projects start date has been added to the community’s calendar.