Painting Update (Week of November 13-19)

The painters have been continuing to work on zones 3 (stacks 10, 09, 08, & 07) and 4 (stacks 06, 05, 04).  Both zones have taken much longer than anticipated due to weather and the increased amount of patching and caulking.  The painters were able to completely finish zone 3 this week though.  If it doesn’t rain too much the rest of week, the painters will hopefully be able to finish the majority of zone 4 as well.
Since zone 3 is now complete, the painters were able to move their swing stage over to the south side of the building (zone 6) yesterday.  They were also able to get that entire side of the building power washed after they moved the swing stage over.  Today they are beginning the prepping process on that side as well.
Once they are able to complete zone 4, they will move their second swing stage over to the final section in the front of the building which will be zone 5 and include stacks 04 and 03.  We are unsure of when that will take place due to the ever changing weather.  If they are lucky, it will be sometime next week, but with the holiday it will more than likely be the following week.
The painters also re-opened the street parking yesterday since their permit ran out.  There is the possibility of them getting another permit to block off more parking, but if they do, it will only be half or part of the street this time.