Painting Update (Week of October 16-22)

The painters will begin power washing stacks 06, 05, and 04 (zone 4) this Wednesday, October 18, 2017.  The residents in those stacks will need to remember to close their windows that morning and to remove any air conditioners, plants or window decorations.  If you forget to close them, the painters will close them from the outside.  If they are unable too, Elektra management will close them from the inside.  The painters will not be responsible for any damages if they need to close your windows because you forgot.

The painters are also continuing to work on zone 3.  They have yet to finish prepping or begin painting that section due to some delays.  They have been working on removing the Elektra sign that hangs on the north end of the building.  Once they are finished with that they will be able to move their swing stage around the corner to the front of the building and continue their prepping and painting.  Unfortunately there is a lot of rain in the forecast this week, so we are unsure when they will be able to continue this process.