Painting Update (Week of October 2-8)

The painters have currently been working on finishing up the roof top this week.
Next week they will continue with prepping and begin painting zone 3.  As a reminder, zone 3 includes stacks 10, 09, 08, and 07.  It is recommended to have your windows closed when they begin spraying the paint, but it is not required since they will be masking and covering all windows when they do so.

They will also need to power wash a few more windows in the 07 stack on the upper half of the building.  This means that floors 8-15 in the 07 stack will need to close their windows on Monday, October 9, 2017.  Please remove any air conditioners, plants, window decorations, etc.

They have decided to use a swing stage for the front of the building and one small crane instead of 3 cranes.  A swing stage or suspended scaffold is a platform that is suspended from the roof and drops down.  This should help the painting and prepping go quicker for the rest of the project.  Since they will now be using swing stages they will be doing an entire section at once while they move their way down the building instead of doing different sections based on where their cranes could reach.

We would also like to ask that all residents please avoid any and all of the painters equipment that will be on the roof for the swing stages.  On the upper north deck, there will be some cables stretched out over the deck floor, so please be mindful and watchful of them when you are up there.

Their goal for next week is to get all or at least the majority of zone 3 completely finished.  This again is tentative.