Wave Instillation Update

Wave has provided an update regarding the internet installation process.  Jag Construction is expected to have the wiring installation completed by the end of next week.  Initially, the internet service was scheduled to go live and be available for use once the wiring installation was completed; however, Wave needs extra time to complete processes on their end.  Wave expected the internet to be ready to go live at the end of June.

Once this project gets closer to completion, you will be sent instructions on how to set up your routers.  If you are unable to get your router set up, you will also be provided a number to call so that Wave can assist you.  If you picked up one of the flyers in the lobby or mailroom from Wave, please disregard them for the time being.  Wave does not have our building set up at the moment, so if you call the number on the flyer they will be unable to assist you.

The Comcast and Century-link wiring currently being used by residents will remain as it is, so you will still have the option to continue to use them for internet or cable tv via Comcast.  Suggestions would be to not canceling your current internet until after the Wave internet goes live to make sure that you are not without service.  The Board has not decided when termination of the bulk account cable tv contract with Comcast will occur.  If you want to continue to have cable tv in your unit through Comcast, you will need to pay for that yourselves once the bulk contract has been terminated.