Wave Internet Upgrade

Dear Elektra Association owner,

In February 2018, the Board started an initiative to explore the idea of changing to a group internet package instead of continuing the group cable package the Elektra has had with Comcast since 2008. Contained in the 2019 Annual Meeting Packet, the Board surveyed the Ownership to determine the interest level for building internet service instead of building cable service. The survey results showed 50 owners in favor of switching to a building internet package, and 46 in favor of retaining the Comcast cable package. The vote results did not show a clear majority and since no acton was taken by the Board before the required deadline, June 2019, the Comcast cable package was retained.

December 2019, there was a renewed motivation by the Board to again research the options available and supply the building with a group internet package. By March 2020, the Board approached several internet providers seeking proposals to provide internet to the building and conducted on-site meetings. Wave expressed interest in submitting a proposal, Comcast was unable to provide the services desired and Century Link declined to provide a bid proposal.

April 2020, Wave provided a bid proposal and this proposal was presented to the Board for review. Parts of Wave’s bid proposal included:
• Wiring – Wave will install new CAT5e or better Ethernet and fiber wiring building-wide, to support Wave’s internet; all wiring to be owned by the association.
• Services deployment type – Wave will deploy Internet services, via Microwave services, providing 1 Gigabit speed to all units.
• Equipment – Wave will provide owners with router equipment for their units.
• Building Wi-Fi – Wave will install a guest Wi-Fi network in the common areas of the community, and hardware service for the management office.
• Cost – Wiring and instillation costs, estimated at $150,000, will be installed at no cost to the HOA.

In turn, the Board would sign a 5-year contract costing the HOA the same amount it has cost for Comcast’s cable service. November 2020, due to the Comcast contract approaching its expiration, the equal cost to the HOA and the long-term infrastructure improvements to the building’s wiring, the 2020 Board awarded Wave the contract.

With the initiation of WaveG internet, Elektra’s Comcast cable package service will be canceled. Additional notice will be sent once the determination has been made on what date Wave’s internet service will be turned on and Comcast’s cable service will be turned off. Plenty of notice will be provided to owners allowing for owners to cancel their current internet service and start individual cable service, as desired, without any lapse in services. You will continue to have the ability to retain Comcast as your cable and internet provider, if you choose, by opening an account with them. Wave will be unable to provide owners with cable services. As a reminder, since the Wave internet package will be paid by the ownership’s HOA dues individual internet services will be unnecessary. We will be providing further guidance on how to transition from the Comcast account & set up to the new Wave account & set up when this building’s new amenity comes online. Since the cost of Wave’s internet package is the same cost to the HOA as the Comcast cable package, there will be no change in any owner’s monthly dues for the switch in amenities.

Wave has begun installing the necessary wiring infrastructure. Over the next few weeks, Wave will need access to each unit to run the necessary cables for units to be able to connect to Wave’s internet. Wave is expecting they will take approximately 30-minutes in each unit to accomplish the necessary tasks. Unit owners are asked to be available to provide Wave with access to their units roughly 4 weeks from now. Additional ‘Notice of Entry’ with exact date(s) Wave will be on your unit’s floor completing in-unit work will be delivered to each unit with a minimum of two (2) weeks notice provided. Any owner unable to provide Wave access to their unit is asked to give Kassi permission and unit keys so she can supply Wave with access to your unit to keep this project on schedule. If Wave is unable to gain access to any unit(s) to complete the necessary work, then Wave will be unable to supply the internet to those units.

We hope that you will appreciate this major upgrade to the Elektra amenities that have been secured at no additional cost to the membership and continues to allow residents to retain their relationship with Comcast at the same me, as individually desired. Owners may see overall savings for those who currently have individual internet services, in addition to the added benefit of having 1 Gigabit internet speed to all owners and the wiring upgrades to all units and the building being provided by WAVE.


If you have any questions, please e-mail the Board at theboard@elektracondos.com

Best regards,

The Board