Website Improvements

At the April meeting of the association, the Board approved creating an online version of the ‘Resident Request Form’ to be located on our website  During the creation of this online tool, it was identified our website could use major upgrades from both the front and back end since its creation in 2015.  These upgrades have been completed and the site is being pushed live today, Monday, June 14th.  If you already have a login to our site, your username and password still work. 

There are significant improvements on our site from the users’ side including: 

  • New look.  Our site has a refreshed and improved look. Created in 2015 it was time to give the site a refreshed and modern look.  Some changes to our site will be made soon, i.e., Guest suite photos will be updated soon & the Rec. Room photos will be updated after the completion of our interior paint project.
  • Access.  All areas on the site requiring login access will not be able to be seen until individuals log in.  The public & non-logged-in users will now only be able to see the areas of the site that do not require login access.
  • New users.  Owners and Residents can create a login on the site directly instead of having to email CWD to create user logins.  Once someone creates a login, it will be pending subject to CWD verification.
  • Resident Portal.  The new Resident Portal and the Dashboard have all the important information for Owners and Residents such as News, Calendar, Association Documents, Contact tools, Upcoming Events, User Profiles. etc.  
  • Online contact forms.  The previous ‘Resident Request Form’ has been separated into four new online tools for specific situations; ‘Contact On-Site Staff’, ‘Maintenance’, ‘Resident Complaints’ & ‘Board Inquiry’.  When submitted, these forms will be automatically sent to the appropriate individual(s) and the Owner/Resident will receive an email confirmation.  Owners & Residents must have a login to access these tools.  Owners & Residents sending initial communication of any request to the Building Mgr/On-site Staff, Association Mgr. and/or the Board via email will no longer be permitted; the online tools must be used for staff to assist you & to ensure situations are archived in a central location on the site giving all Elektra staff the ability to reference previous submissions.
  • Association Documents.  Improved navigation abilities of all our past association documents.
  • Mobile.  A new mobile version of the site was created to make viewing our website on your phone easier; instead of trying to navigate a desktop version of a website on your phone
  • Mass Emailing.  A majority of the mass emails being sent to Owners & Residents will be ending soon.  In the future, all community communications, including important notices, will be posted to the ‘Resident Portal’.  When this is done, an automated email will be sent, by the site, to all users informing you of the new communication that has been posted to the ‘Resident Portal’.  If you have a login, nothing changes for you.
  • Additional Tool.  In addition to the improvements for Owners and Residents, there are improved tools for Elektra staff and Board members in posting community communications to our site and tools to assist with managing the site.


We hope you enjoy the improvements made to our community’s website.